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2022 Pearl Chardonnay

2022 Pearl Chardonnay

VA - Fauquier - Middleburg
$34.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 13.5%

Complex yet wise Chardonnay, done in stainless steel so as to not be influenced by oak or malolactic fermentation. Bright and fresh with apple and citric flavors.

Grown and made in Virginia at Pearmund Cellars from the oldest vineyard in Virginia. This un-oaked 100% Chardonnay is Fresh and lively on the pallet unincumbered by Malo-Latic fermentation.

Each of the 12 bottles in a case has a different front label drawing of an oyster with a pearl inside and each represents a Pearl that embodies: Kindness, Love, Joy, Forgive, Laugh, Hope, Dream, Give, Beauty, Believe, Listen and Remember. Each Pearl is accompanied by an inspirational quote to remind us of these important values.

Each oyster represents the Pearmund Team’s passion for local agriculture and aquaculture. With the sale of each bottle of Pearl, Pearmund Cellars will help repopulate oysters in the Chesapeake by growing and releasing 20,000 oysters in all in 2023 to the lower Rappahannock River. Chris and Greg both shared a love of sailing and a love of the Bay as well as a commitment to help preserve the treasure we have in its bounty.

There are historically 12 ‘Pearls of Wisdom” The term pearls of wisdom date back centuries through the idea of comparing wisdom to the preciousness of pearls.

Jesus said “Cast not pearls before swine” appearing to warn his disciples to preach only before appreciative audiences and thus the origin of the proverb “Do not waste good things on people who will not appreciate them”.

Oyster artwork by kristinekainer.com
Label concept design and layout by orcada.com