Olé Carrollton Semi-Sweet Blanc Du Bois

Olé Carrollton Semi-Sweet Blanc Du Bois

Blanc du Bois
LA - Louisiana
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  • Alcohol 11.30%
Wine Profile

Tasting Notes

A fruity, semi-sweet light wine from our Blanc Du Bois grapes grown in West Monroe, La. This wine is light and appealing to White Zinfandel wine drinkers.

Serving Notes

Alc. 11.3% 192 Calories, 12 oz. serving

Pairing Notes
Creole cuisine and seafood

Label History

The town of Carrollton only existed for about thirty years. Though neither party wanted it, the annexation of  Carrollton to the City of New Orleans in Orleans Parish was granted in 1874 but not complete until 1876. The courthouse in Carrollton was no longer needed to serve its original function. However, it took until 1888 for the building title to be transferred to New Orleans; it had remained in the ownership of Jefferson Parish after Carrollton was dissolved.