Gumbeaux Merlot

Gumbeaux Merlot

CA - Sacramento - Lodi
$17.99 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 11.50%
Wine Profile

Tasting Notes

On the palate, Merlot can be characterized as rounded, fleshy, deep, and intense with a velvet & mouthfeel. This wine has a sweet taste of bold berries and a touch of spice, which is relatively light. The soft tannins leave a long decadent yet smooth finish.

Serving Notes

Alc. 13.2% 192 Calories, 12 oz. serving

Pairing Notes
Rack of Lamb, roasted squash, cream-based soups, juicy steak, and gumbo!

Label History

New Orleans is full of rich culture and lots of gumbo. To embrace the beautiful authentic culture you have to visit multiple neighborhoods, not just one part. New Orleans neighborhoods sit on some of the most iconic streets in the city, we wanted to honor a few on this bottle. Without those streets, there would be no New Orleans. Such a classic way to remind you of gumbo and the City of New Orleans, all of your favorites mixes make the perfect pot of  Gumbeaux!