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2020 Nimbus Blanc

2020 Nimbus Blanc

WI - Wisconsin
$22.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12%
This sparkling white wine is a pettilant naturel sparkling wine (Pét-nat), so all of the bubbles are entirely from the natural sugars in the grapes. Pét-nats are some of the most exciting sparkling wines made today since they can differ so much from vintage to vintage.The 2020 Nimbus Blanc, like most pét-nat wines, had minimal intervention by the wine maker, so choosing grapes at the perfect level of ripeness is essential. The 2020 Nimbus blanc is made from 100% Wisconsin grown Sampson Valley Vineyard LaCrescent and Frontenac Blanc grapes. This pét-nat consumed nearly all of the grape sugar during its fermentation, so it is very dry and is classified as a brut sparkling wine. When you think of pét-nat, this would be one you can hold up as a classic example. In most pét-nats you may see a bit of a cloud or sediment. This is not a "fault" it is a feature, since the wine is not filtered, these sediments may continue autolysis until you open it. Be careful when you try your first pet nat, you may fall in love with it. Drink it now, or if you hold it for a few years the wine will change and improve.

Vineyard/Orchard Name

Sampson Valley Vineyard