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2017 Huck Me huckleberry mead

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$23.99 / 750ml
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  • Alcohol 13.50%
Mythic Mead debuts with Huck Me, a huckleberry mead (also known as a honeywine). A delightful blend of honey and real huckleberries (skins and all) results in this smooth and flavorful libation.

It truly is a trip to the Pacific Northwest in a bottle, made using fermentation techniques that retain the flavors and attributes of the honey and the berries.

Featuring no after-sweetening or flavoring of any kind, Huck Me is a truly unique drink behind which we are proud to put the name Mythic Mead.

Huck Me came out in the initial weeks of 2017 and is the first Mythic Mead to hit the market.

ABV - 13.5% (27 Proof)

This small batch mead is currently unavailable. We do have some more from this batch aging (various styles including barrel, 1 and 5 year projections). Keep an eye on our website for more information, at