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2015 Basil Mint

NY - Hudson River Region
$22.00 / 750ml

  • Alcohol 13.00%
Made from summer wildflower honey with fresh Basil & Mint leaves in the fermenter. The resulting aroma is remarkable. On the tongue you will experience a deep integration of all the flavors, with Basil and Mint both prominent, followed by light citrus notes, a subtle presence of honey and a long mineral finish. Delicious, unique and refreshing. This mead is quite dry but maintains an apparent sweetness. It has a lovely cooling effect on a hot summer day. Have it chilled or on ice in the summer, at cellar temp in the winter. Mint has a long history of use for better digestion and alertness. Basil, more than just a pretty face and a delicious taste, is used to reduce fatigue and sharpen the mind.