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Thanksgiving Trio

Thanksgiving Trio

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Our 2021 Thanksgiving Trio includes:

Roussanne 2020: Roussanne returns to Muse after an absence of a few years when we were exclusively blending it with Marsanne and Viognier to make our Rhone blend called Thalia. A white grape variety, Roussanne is aged for one year in new and neutral French oak barrels. It has undergone a partial malolactic fermentation and has notes of peach and apple and a long finish. This wine is great to drink now, but could also be put in the cellar and enjoyed for the next several years. 12.4% ABV.

Cabernet Franc NV: This is a plush wine of depth and complexity from a great vintage. Aged for over two years in French barrels this Franc is a tribute to the gentle marriage of fine-grained oak and red wine. Its tannins are well-integrated and frame the wine perfectly. Its flavors meld and flow seamlessly. A wine to think about while drinking, as it will insistently remind you. ABV 13.7%.

Pichet 2019: This is a light-bodied refreshing red wine made primarily from young-vine Cabernet Franc, berry flavors that predominate in the fruit of these young vines. It is what you would find by the carafe (“pichet”) on the terrace of a French cafe where it lubricates conversation and feeds a bonhomie that, mostly, ends well! ABV 12%.