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Four for the Fourth Sale- FREE SHIPPING!

Four for the Fourth Sale- FREE SHIPPING!

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Four for the Fourth is now available w/ FREE Shipping! $104 retail on SALE $100 and free shipping This includes: Erato This non-vintage white blend is that rare thing in wine, it's truly interesting. Four different varieties add taste and structure; the noble Rhônes Marsanne and Roussanne combine with the sturdy Vidal Blanc and the intriguingly different Muscat Petit Grains to produce a wine that is a genuine pleasure to drink. Look for discreet tropical fruit notes and a hint of jasmine. Sauvignon Blanc 2022 This is the best Sauvignon Blanc yet made at Muse. Whole-cluster pressed and fermented at low temperatures in stainless steel. This wine is bracingly fresh with the variety's signature grapefruit background. It is excellent as an aperitif or paired with seafood where its minerality wonderfully complements fish and shellfish. Roussanne 2021 This wine is made from the grape used in the finest Rhône whites, for example, Chateauneuf du Pape, in lieu of the workhorse white grapes of Southern French wines such as Côtes du Rhône. It is vinified in an expensive, labor intensive manner with its fermentation taking place in fine-grained French oak barrels which frame and structure the wine in ways that stainless steel cannot. Look for a hint of pear and the faint notes of neutral oak barrels without the "oaky" aspect of newer wood. - Winner of The Best White Wine in Show for The San Diego International Wine & Spirits Competition 2022. - Winner of The Best in Class at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 2022. Rosé 2022 This wine was made from our youngest French-certified Cabernet Franc vines to give it a fresh, bright red fruit profile. You will find hints of strawberries in the wine's bouquet. Crushed, destemmed and cold soaked to extract a pale salmon color this wine has a "grip" and presence lacking in rosés made from inferior and often over-cropped grapes without real substance.