2021 Vintner's Pyment

2021 Vintner's Pyment

VT - Vermont
$18.75 / 375 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 13%
  • Bottling Date 7/30/2022
This wine has great clarity but is very dark from the red grapes used to make it. The aroma is reminiscent of freshly split cherry wood, with dark and red fruit notes of currants, black raspberries, loganberries, lingonberries, and currants. Pleasant tannin and tartness balance a sweet back. Flavors of cherry and black raspberry are complemented by toasted marshmallow and vanilla from the long oak aging. Presents with a pleasant and light mouthfeel and lingering acid on the finish.


The grapes were crushed, mixed with local honey and fermented on the skins for two weeks before they were pressed. After fermentation, the wine was aged in Hungarian oak barrels for nine months before it was bottled.

Maker Name

Andrew Becker

Vineyard/Orchard Name

Montpelier Vineyards / Three Crows Vineyards