2021 Peach-Blueberry Melomel

2021 Peach-Blueberry Melomel

VT - Other
$19.25 / 375 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.50%
  • Bottling Date 2/04/2021
Tasting Notes: Peach and blueberry dominate the aroma, with subtle floral after tones from the honey. This year’s peach is more dominant than blueberry. It is less sweet and more balanced than previous years. The flavors of honey, blueberries, and peaches are complemented by that sweetness and the acidity from the fruit balances the flavor. The moderate aging time allowed any boozy notes or off-flavors to mellow and leaves an exceptionally clean mead. The aftertaste is mild and sweet. Best enjoyed chilled, over ice, or in seltzer.


The peaches, blueberries, and honey were blended until smooth and allowed to slowly ferment for several weeks. After fermentation, the mixture was racked into glass carboys and allowed to age for six months before it was bottled.

Winemaker Name

Andrew Becker

Vineyard Name

Montpelier Vineyards