2020 Méthode Champenoise (Sparkling White Wine)

2020 Méthode Champenoise (Sparkling White Wine)

VT - Other
$35.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.00%
  • Bottling Date 01/12/21
Méthode Champenoise Brut.
The grapes used in this sparkling wine are Frontenac Blanc, Swenson White, Louise Swenson, Prairie Star, and Itasca. This wine is Certified Organic by (VOF) Vermont Organic Farmers.

Tasting Notes; An elegant and pleasant wine with a golden straw color, delicate nose, and a fresh, crisp taste of green apple. Its slightly sweet nature is balanced by moderate acidity and light bubbles. This is the perfect bottle to pop the cork in order to celebrate any special occasion with a toast.

Pairing recommendations; the innate bubbles of sparkling wine offer an added layer of pairing versatility. At the same time, the coveted acidity of the wine carries rich, butter-laden fare even further on the palate. Shrimp and shellfish, smoked salmon, caviar, fried calamari, fruit-based desserts such as tarts, crêpes, strawberry shortcake, and any buttered or honeyed dessert.


All the grapes were crushed together and after a short maceration, they are pressed and fermented in stainless steel. After fermentation, the wine was aged in glass demijohns for several months before it was bottled. In the cellar, the bottles begin maturation on the lees before they are disgorged.

Winemaker Name

Douglas Becker

Vineyard Name

Montpelier Vineyards