2020 Apple Berry Mead

2020 Apple Berry Mead

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  • Alcohol 11.00%
  • Bottling Date 3/15/2021
A very sweet desert mead. Strong honey aroma on the nose accompanied by a punch of fresh fruit. Flavor is well balanced for being sweet with acidity from the wild raspberries and tannins from the wild blackberries helping to balance. An extremely “easy drinker”. Like most of our very sweet meads they are best served chilled, over ice, or with seltzer. Also very good in dry sparkling wines.


The apple cider, wild raspberries, blueberries, wild blackberries and honey were blended until smooth and allowed to slowly ferment for several weeks. After fermentation the mixture was racked into glass carboys and allowed to age for six months before it was bottled.

Winemaker Name

Andrew Becker

Vineyard Name

Montpelier Vineyards