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NV Sinfonia

NJ - Other
$18.00 / 500ml
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  • Alcohol 13.00%
Mead made with a blend of three different honey varietals, fermented on a blend of three different oaks

A sinfully delicious blend of three types of oak and three different honey varietals comes together in this grand symphony of a mead. The oak is included with the honey right from the start of fermentation contributing a unique complexity to this bold and rustic flavored mead. This one is definitely one to cellar, if you can manage not to drink it!

Pours dark gold, semi-sweet with a bold and complex nose and rich taste. A hint of smokiness comes out at room temperature, like a subtle scotch or bourbon character.

Pairs well with darker meats such as duck, turkey, and beef dishes or anything with a mushroom sauce. Also perfect to be enjoyed by the fire or with a nice cigar!

Enjoy slightly chilled or at room temperature