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NV Berry Chic

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  • Alcohol 13.00%
Mead made with wildflower honey and a blend of five different berry juices

A succulent blend of berry flavors and honey come together in this berry sexy recipe! Raspberry & black currants stand out with delicate notes of blueberry, strawberry & blackberries in the background. The French would call this “très chic”, but we like Berry Chic better!

Pours dark ruby red, sweet on the palette with a heavy berry fruit nose with honey. The black currant and raspberry give this mead a nice balance of acidity to balance the sweetness, while the rest of the fruit provides the structure to the finish.

Pairs extremely well with gamey meats like venison & duck, as well as dark chocolate, creamy and stinky cheeses, a salad with a light vinaigrette. Poured over vanilla ice cream too!

Enjoy slightly chilled