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Mastrogiannis Rose Vermouth

Mastrogiannis Rose Vermouth

Syrah Rosé
WA - Washington
$25.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 17.5%
Wine Enthusiast 93
Mastrogiannis Vermouth is the first project that allowed us to mix elements from both our winery and distillery. Our Vermouth uses our Rosé for Cure wine, which is predominantly Syrah-based. We then fortified it with our aged Baton Brandy. Using a cold-soak technique for botanical extraction allowed for a slow and mellow infusion of the botanicals. For the botanicals, we decided to use some of our favorites, this included figs. So two kinds of figs were used (mission and golden) along with wormwood, cocoa nibs, vanilla bean, cinnamon, wild cherry bark and sweetened with 100% Washington wildflower honey. The whole mixture spend over five months macerating and extracting slowly in stainless steel, and only when we felt it reached the right time we did do a light filtration and bottled it. A light and refreshing vermouth without being overly sweet or heavy with additives and colors that make a great boulevardier, negroni, manhattan, or even better, can be served over ice with a fresh lemon peel. Given the nature of vermouth please treat it as white wine and keep refrigerated for up to three months from the day you open it.