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Product Image for 2016 Buffalo Wallow

2016 Buffalo Wallow

NE - Other
$16.00 / 750ml

  • Alcohol 11.00%
Buffalo Wallow is a semi-sweet white is made with LaCrescent grapes that grow wonderfully in our vineyard. They impart the wine with a dominant flavor of lemongrass to go with other fruit notes. Buffalo Wallow has a nice astringency that balances the sweetness to create a lovely finish that doesn't overpower.

A buffalo wallow is started by buffalo pawing the dry dirt to break up the grass surface. The animals would then roll in the dirt to dust themselves for fly and mosquito control. Over time,the wallows became muddy, the mud acting as even more effective insect control. Today, wallows are seldom found due to farm land cultivation and urban development. The rare buffalo wallow with its large, rounded indentations is the only evidence left of a time when buffalo roamed our prairies freely.

Winemaker Name

Seth McFarland