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2021 Thai-Grr Mead

2021 Thai-Grr Mead

DE - Delaware
$13.50 / 375 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.5%
2016 TMCup - BestInShow 2018 TASTINGS.COM 91
When you hear the word Tiger you would think strong, bold, aggressive, but also graceful, sleek, stealthily. A celebration of home-grown Thai chili peppers mixed with lime creates a pretty innocent looking but powerful little concoction. Don't assume this light colored liquid is light in flavor. If you prefer more purr than growl add some orange juice or Bloody Mary mix and serve at your next brunch. 2016 Texas Mead Cup Gold Medal Best In Show (first mead we had with a perfect score at competition.) If you like extra spice, call us and ask if we have "KIcking Thai-Grrr" (each bottle has a Thai pepper in the bottom). Very limited.