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2021 Red-Cowabunga Mead

2021 Red-Cowabunga Mead

DE - Delaware
$13.50 / 375 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.5%
2017 Texas Mead - Silver
A distant cousin to Choco-Cherry-Bon-Bon. Red-Cowabunga is the surfer-dude buddy. Discover what Tahitian vanilla beans and tart cherries impart after taking a swim with orange blossom honey. Fruity yet smooth. Slip on your board shorts and kick back with a gnarly burger, fries and Red-Cowabunga. If you've never tried Tahitian Vanilla, you are in for a treat ------ they are quite expensive, but worth every penny of they creamy, marshmallow-y taste they impart.