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2024 Pucker-Up-Baby Mead

2024 Pucker-Up-Baby Mead

DE - Delaware
$13.50 / 375 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.5%
2015-7 Various - 4 Gold 2018 TASTINGS.COM 92
Our little baby won two gold medals. Whiles searching a local international market we stumbled upon a shelf of dark purple leaves labeled Jamaican sorrel. A few batches later we found a mouth puckering, tart but fruity drink with tastes reminiscent of a good Malbec or Cabernet -- but without a single grape. Exquisite ruby color and slightly floral notes. This baby pairs well with a filet mignon or a good Gouda, cheddar or port. 2016 gold medal Texas Mead Cup (our first Gold medal at a major competition) and 3 other gold medals since then.