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Dry Blueberry

Dry Blueberry

NH - Other
$21.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 11.50%
  • pH 3.4
  • Titratable Acid < 1.0%
Made with local blueberries and infused with French oak, this wine drinks like a dry, light Merlot in body and style with rich but soft notes of vanilla and fresh fruit (though it is not too sweet). This dinner wine has something for everyone – light, refreshing and full-bodied. This wine pairs well with grilled meats or pasta. Fun fact: this is the first wine ever made by Winemaker Amy LaBelle!

Infused with French oak cubes for approximately 6 months

May be cellared up to 10 years


First Produced: 2001 Composition: 100% Blueberry Residual Sugar: < 1.0%

Winemaker Name

Amy LaBelle