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San Realto

San Realto

NE - Other
$14.50 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 11.00%
Our San Realto is composed of primarily of DeChaunac grapes. Highlighted by a sparking red raspberry color, we tout this as the wine for those who want to drink red, but don’t like dry. Once it really opens up, the bouquet of the San Realto calls out and entices you to try a sip. Full of cherry overtones, the flavor matches the nose, and as the wine rolls across the tongue, it gives the same sensation as sucking on a cherry jolly rancher. The unique name for this wine is credited to the granddaughters of James Arthur: SArah, ANne, REbecca, ALexandria, and TOni. (minus Edyn who has Edyn’s Blush) Award Winner!

Vineyard Name

James Arthur Vineyards