Product Image for 2017 LUNAR LEMON MELOMEL


CO - Other
$22.00 / 750ml

  • Alcohol 12.00%
This Semi-Sweet, Still Honey Wine is a luscious blend of organic lemons & our own Colorado Honey! This is an easy sipper on a hot day and has been nicknamed “Summer in a Bottle”. Some of our customers even drink it over crushed ice, like a hard lemonade only much more flavorful! Lunar Lemon is definitely a Fan Favorite. SILVER & BRONZE INTERNATIONAL MEDALS!
FOOD PAIRINGS: Any main dish that is made with lemon would go well with this Mead. Seafood dishes such as halibut or salmon on the bbq is amazing together! Shrimp with lemon & honey with Lunar Lemon is wonderful! This would be another PERFECT pairing with brunch foods. The citrus of the Mead will cut the cheesy, buttery richness in dishes like scalloped potatoes or omelets. This Mead, mixed with Prosecco makes for a nice Mimosa-like drink. Lunar Lemon is perfect with desserts that include lemon or other citrus. Cheesecake, angel food cake, light puddings, pineapple upside down cake, spice cake, blonde brownies and just about anything made with white chocolate! This is a great Mead for on a boat or a picnic! Serve chilled.