Product Image for 2015 BIG SKY RED


CO - Other
$18.00 / 750ml

  • Alcohol 13.00%
This Off-Dry, Still Mead is called a PYMENT, it is a grape wine/Mead blend. This pyment is made using Red Zinfandel grapes. Pyments tend to be a smoother, less tannic version of the grape wine variety. 2016 SILVER INTERNATIONAL MEDAL

FOOD PAIRINGS: This pyment pairs well with beef, venison or duck dishes, such as Beef Wellington, venison stew or roasted,basted with pyment Duck! Also a great match up with red sauce based dishes like spaghetti, pizza or lasagna. For dessert pairings try dark chocolate cake, chocolate/cherry truffles, Pecan & Bourbon bread pudding, chocolate mousse with raspberries on top.