Product Image for Boudica's Uprising: Sparkling Honey Mead (single bottle)

Boudica's Uprising: Sparkling Honey Mead (single bottle)

VA - Other
$7.49 / 12oz

  • Alcohol 7.00%
4,000 years before beer and wine, honey mead reigned as humankind's first and only alcoholic beverage. Whereas beer begins with grains and wine of fruit, mead is made entirely of honey. Honey Grail's mead is an effervescent twist on the classic beverage.

Our distinct and bold Two Bottle Carrier stands out on a crowded shelf. It boldly appeals to Millenials and anyone seeking a unique departure from the ordinary.

Boudica's Uprising - Sparkling Honey Mead:

• First and only sweet *sparkling* 100% honey mead on the market

• Least sweet honey mead in the country

• Fastest growing alcoholic beverage category thanks to portrayals in
popular media such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.

Named after a legendary Celtic warrior queen who led a massive revolt against the Romans, experience the beverage that fueled a rebellion.

Our Boudica's Uprising received Gold Medal & Best Buy (Exceptional - 93 Points) as the BEST sparkling honey mead and BEST value priced mead (under $10) in the country.

Judges described it as having, "Floral aromas and flavors of wintermint, almond-anise cookie, bubblegum dust, and cream soda..." That's a much better description that we could have ever come up with on our own! (see

Additionally, the Boston Beer Company, producer of Sam Adams, recognized Honey Grail's outstanding products as part of its Brewing the American Dream food and beverage competition. Honey Grail won the South East regional competition and management was invited to meet with Sam Adams founder, Jim Koch.