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Pounding Branch Persimmon Mead

Pounding Branch Persimmon Mead

VA - Nelson - Monticello
$24.95 / 500 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 11.5%
This beautiful light persimmon melomel (mead) is made from wild, native Virginia persimmons! Truly a handcrafted, wild foraged, unique mead, it will surprise you with it's depth of character. It feels initially dry as you can literally feel the persimmons on your palate and a slight sweetness grows and lingers as you sip. It is a nice sipping mead but as with other meads, it pairs really well with smoked meat, fish and cheeses. This batch is newly bottled in June 2019 and will age well over the next couple of years. Try some today, save some for later!