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2017 Orange Blossom Mead

CA - San Diego County
$15.00 / 375ml
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  • Alcohol 12.00%
Drinking this mead is like walking through an orange grove in bloom.

When bees collect nectar only from orange blossoms it creates a honey that is light, floral and citrusy and sometimes even has a bubble-gummy/white grape element. By fermenting it down to less than 1% residual sugar (most beers have 2-3% of residual sugar), those citrus elements integrate with the citrus honey, bringing out an acidity to complement it.

With that dynamic and balance, this is our lightest bodied, most “fruity” mead, but still elegantly balanced with a healthy amount of body and a little carbonation.

- Naturally Gluten Free
- 12% Alcohol By Volume
- All natural ingredients found in southern California

Ingredients: California Orange Blossom Honey, Palomar Mountain Spring Water

Aroma: Nice honey aroma up front (grapes and orange and sweet floral aroma), light tannins, light alcohol, light jasmine flowers, light honey sweetness, a hint of sage. Sweet honey aroma slightly raw-honey, light fruity esters, slightly rich citrus notes, soft alcohol, and light carbonics.

Flavor: Soft honey up front with light pear and melon esters. Grape and orange and lemon, with a soft acidic balance. Light sweetness moves to puckering mouthfeel that lingers. Light carbonation helps the balance. Refreshing, but a bit tart. Light earthy floral, citrus, raspberries, and a touch of light earthiness in the aftertaste. Lingering moderate sweetness and medium-high acid. Honey lingers into the finish.

PAIRING NOTES: fruit and creamy cheese plate, or a creamy thai curry

It is bottled in an amber 500ml lager bottle with a pop-top. We recommend drinking the contents within 24 hours of opening the bottle. Otherwise, it keeps on the shelf for as long as you would like to store it.

*Orders can take up to 5 business days to process.