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2016 3 Mead Variety Pack

CA - San Diego County
$30.00 / 3 x 500ml
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Can't decide on which meads to delight in? We have you covered. Our 3 Mead Variety Pack contains our three best-selling meads: California Oak, Orange Blossom, and Savage Bois.

Our Meads are Different. Lighter bodied, honey forward but balanced, we make most of our meads with ale yeast, a 1-to-4 California Honey to San Diego Spring Water Ratio, and an element like oak or lactobacillus to balance the finish. We want our meads to drink like a refreshing ale or invigorating sparkling wine, we want them to spread mirth, and arouse people to the beauty of life.


Mead is alcohol made from honey. Mix honey and water, add yeast and you eventually get mead. It is a whole spectrum of alcohol, so it can be light ABV, dry, and refreshing, or thick, sweet and strong, bubbly or still and any where in between with any number of additional ingredients. It is very creative, it is very versatile, it is timeless and we think it can be good for the earth (you don't need a mono-culture of barley or grapes to make it, just bees on a healthy ecosystem).

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