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Spiced Sensation

OH - Lake Erie
$20.00 / 750ml

  • Alcohol 13.50%
Cinnamon aroma with a trace of ginger and nutmeg. This mead transforms in your mouth and is a wonderful sensory experience as it hits all the right notes, sweet, spiced, and a soft clean finish with a hint of raisins, vanilla, and a touch of black pepper. A fine example of an orange blossom spiced mead. The spice is well balanced and not overpowering so that the flavors of the base mead (our 2018 Mazer Cup International GOLD medal winner) carries through. The base mead was aged about 2 years before the spices were added - and then aged for about another year to let the spices mellow. The semi-sweet character would best suit other flavorful dishes such as strudels, pumpkin pie or served warm as a hot toddy-like evening drink.