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LO-VE No. 6

LO-VE No. 6

Other - Spain
$17.99 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 14.50%
From the vibrant colors to the dynamic culture, we feel the excitement and energy of Spain expressed through our wines. ​The old-world elegance of Garnacha is captured for the modern wine lover in every glass.

LO-VE No. 6 embodies the timeless fruit and floral aromas of Garnacha. It has a luxurious richness, without overwhelming. Powerful, yet elegant and restrained with masculine and feminine qualities together in harmony. Inky purple-red tot he rim.

Flavors of black cherry pie, violets, and bramble. Medium-bodied with a hint of black licorice and rose on the silky finish

Try it with grilled veggies or sausages, slow cooked pork or lamb, lentil, or bean dishes and barbecue. Also, with Netflix, candles, and hot baths…

“When I first went to Rioja I saw these wonderful old trailers bearing fruit coming into the wineries. I was struck by the arrangement of the letters on the license plates, which indicate the region of Spain the tractor is registered in. In Rioja, the letters read LO-VE...”
- Arthur O’Connor, Winemaker

Winemaker Name

Arthur O'Connor