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Bourbon Barrel Mead

Bourbon Barrel Mead

NY - New York
$21.95 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 11.8%
Most bees are content making honey, but the bees at Coyote Moon have heard a higher calling. The quiet singing of the grapevines carried across the land by cool river breeze whispered to the bees, "be legendary,". Inspired by the noble work of the grapes, the busy honeybee buzzes happily through the vineyard, collecting pixie dust from thousands of beautiful flowers. She is content that her life's work will sustain her colony and the very thirsty humans around her by the light of the harvest moon. The boisterous bees choose their finest honey, craft it into Mead, and age it in white oak bourbon barrels. The result is liquid magic bottled just for you. Bee Legendary! Pair with bold, sharp, and rich cheeses, spicy foods, rich meats like venison, lamb and goat cheesecake, and flan