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15% OFF Pommelier's Picks of the month - 12 pk

15% OFF Pommelier's Picks of the month - 12 pk

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Amie our in house certified Pommelier's picks of the month! You'll receive a special discount on this case and Free Shipping! A great intro into Botanist and Barrel ciders. Enjoy this super limited curated package while it lasts!

**Includes 12 375ml bottles -

*Botanical Fruit Punch *- A blend of blueberry, cherry and grapes are co-fermented with cider and then aged in cherry wine, chardonnay and Cardinal gin barrels.

*Arkansas Black Single Varietal 'Heritage Series' * . Single varietal Arkansas black apple cider aged in French chardonnay barrels, rich with mouth watering acidity and a creamy finish. Bottle conditioned.

*Tart Blueberry cider* -Estate grown organic blueberries co-fermented with apple creates a beautifully balanced delicate and dry rose cider. Bottle conditioned.

*Skin Contact * -Wild fermented cider aged on montmorency cherry skins. This luxurious rose cider has a subtle nutty undertone with a deep cherry finish. Bottle Conditioned.

*Sour Cherry Cider* -Montmorency and Balaton sour cherries create a tart, wild and juicy cider. Bottle conditioned.

*Less is More Pet Nat*- A natural cider showcasing the elegance of classic old-world methods, spontaneous fermentation and minimal intervention. Fermented with wild yeast on the apple skins using the Pétillant Naturel technique creating a beautiful fine bubble as it ages in the bottle. Made with a blend of local eating and traditional cider apples, it's delightfully effervescent, dry but fruity with honey notes and subtle minerality.

*Sparkling Strawberry Cider* -Sweet Carolina strawberries co-fermented with our house cider blend, unfiltered, bottle conditioned to a super light bubbly haze. Fruity, fresh and crushable.

*Persimmon Gin* - NC grown persimmons aged in 2nd use gin barrels lends subtle botanical notes to the persimmon flavor.

*Pink is a Feeling* - Special cider blend aged on the skins of 4 different grapes, chambourcin, noble, carlos & magnolia to make a stunning neon pink cider/wine hybrid. Bottle conditioned.

*A Precocious Apricot* - A floral gewurztraminer like nose melds into a tart dried apricot flavor. Over 6 pounds of apricot per gallon of cider.

*Basq in the Glory* -Inspired by traditional Basque style ciders. It’s raw, wild, hazy, funky, sour, and spontaneously fermented. Appalachia meets Basque y'all. Topa!

*Piq N Pomme* -Piq N Pomme’ is an upcoming cider/piquette hybrid made in collaboration with @redclayciderworks. Jay from Red Clay paid us a visit to help us blend this innovative cider/wine hybrid made with the 2019 vintage of Traminette Piquette.

The artwork is an anonomyous piece entitled "Love and graces coming from London." It depicts vintage Parisian customs and costumes and the piece seems particularly relevant as commentary about our modern divided society. We hope to be a place of unity and equality. A place where conversation and the sharing of ideas flows as freely as the cider does. So we present to you a blend, “a coming together” of piquette and cider.