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Pairing 6 pack! 10% OFF!

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Botanist and Barrel Fall Cider descriptions and pairings!

Lemon Lavender - Our house cider infused with dried estate lavender and fresh lemon zest. Elegantly romantic with a citrus pop.
- Pair with our Dare Vegan cheese washed with our DeFi pinot gris with preserved lemon and ginger.

Cote du Carolina
-Cote de Carolina is all about sense of place. Beautiful house blend of cider apples barrel fermented and aged for over a year in NC Mourvèdre and Muscadine barrels. Bottle conditioned to make a beautifully round and vinous cider.
- Great cider to get the night started with a nice charcuterie and cheese board or with Roasted Delicata Squash, Pomegranate, and goat cheese salad.

Arkansas Black Heritage Series 2019 - Single varietal Arkansas black apple cider aged in chardonnay barrels, racy with mouthwatering acidity.
- The tannin and acidity is perfect to cut through a nice fatty piece of fish like salmon or try with Roasted Quail or Cornish hen.

Love Over Hate - Beautifully translucent sparkling cider with exotic tropical notes aged in NC Turning Point Bourbon barrels from Southern Artisan Spirits.

-Pair with a beautiful Crown roast of Pork and Bourbon sweet potatoes.

Have Love will Bramble - NC Raspberry, Blackberry and apple juice cofermented in local NC Turning Point bourbon barrel.
- Pair with dark chocolate pecan pie.

Aunt Ginny- Southern apple cider aged in local Cardinal Gin Barrels and bottle conditioned. Tastes like apple skins infused with refreshing botanicals and zesty juniper.
- Finish off your rich holiday meal Botanist style with a G &C (Gin & Cider) digestif. If you have any room left, pair with your neighbors fruit cake;)