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2019 Merlot

2019 Merlot

NJ - Outer Coastal Plain
$28.99 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.5%
Brief overview: While Merlot is another Bordeaux variety it is grown in most wine regions around the world and is one of the more popular red wines throughout history. Aroma: Cinnamon, mocha, red apple skin, dark cherry, and plum Palate: Red apple, dark plum, cinnamon, blackberry. This Merlot has great barrel expression combined with rich velvety fruits that together create a fuller body wine that can be paired with various foods. Appetizer: All charcuterie as well as most hard cheeses, chicken wings in a variety of sauces, and sliders Main Course: Filet mignon, prime rib, pasta and red sauce, pizza