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2017 Wyldewood

MI - Lake Michigan Shore
$20.00 / 750ml

  • Alcohol 12.00%
“You were born to be a wanderer on a Journey of your own. Though no one may ever follow, you will never be alone.” -- Robyn the Bard (Used by permission,

This amber mead embellishes the essence of the woods, kissed with maple, and the crisp Autumn breeze, yet testifies to the warmth of an inner fire that drives each of us on our own Journey through the Wyldewood.

A traditional semi-sweet drinking mead made from Michigan honeys, Wyldewood is seasoned with Michigan Maple syrup. This type of mead is called “Acerglyn” or simply, “Acer”. It pairs with fish, mutton, pork, poultry, cheese, wylde game, good company, or your own journey.

MeadMaster Pete Wylde makes Mead as the ancients did, unfiltered. Bees make honey the same since the dawn of time. What you hold in your hands is your connection to our ancient forebears.

The tradition of giving a nuptial couple a lunar-month’s supply of Mead to ensure a “fruitful” union came to be known as the “Honeymoon”.

Label art by Elizabeth Zehm ( and inspired by the music of Doug Peterson; used under license, 2016 Black Dragon LLC.
Logo art by Ash Dunn (, © 2008 Black Dragon LLC.

Produced and bottled by:
Black Dragon Meadery
Benton Harbor, MI
“Return to the Olde Ways”

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