Product Image for 2018 The Harrow - "Salvation"

2018 The Harrow - "Salvation"

MI - Lake Michigan Shore
$21.00 / 750ml

  • Alcohol 14.00%
The Harrow is a brand brought to life out of the pages of the books of Treasa Kloth (see It is the name of a cursed German Viking tribe with the redemptive task of preventing Ragnarok... and adventure ensues!

Salvation is the cinnamon-spiced mead (cyser) they drink in the book, brought into the real-world by none other than Black Dragon's Meadmaster, Pete Wylde (or by Viking name "Petar Wildsen").

"Ragnarok... Only the Harrow stands betwixt damnation and salvation!" Brot!

(I know, it's supposed to be "Prost!", but there's an inside tribal joke in that.)

Harrow names and logo used by permission, © 2018 Magik Moon Ink.