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2018 Peach Mead

MI - Lake Michigan Shore
$22.00 / 750ml

  • Alcohol 12.50%
The late summer’s rich harvest in Michigan provides juicy, flavorful peaches kissed by the sun, going into early Fall, which combine beautifully in this smooth melomel to a peachy finish for a warm draught on a crisp Autumn day. Made in a base of Orange Blossom Mead. Pairs with fish, pork, poultry, cheese, salads, wylde game.

Mead is honey wine, the most ancient of drynks, common to all cultures of the Olde World. Mead culture stretched from India in the East to the British Isles in the West. Today, Mead is our inheritance from the Ancient Greeks and Romans, the stuff driving legends, Viking battles, Beowulf’s Quest, Briseis’ Romance, and Royal Courts; the very Nectar of the gods.

MeadMaster Pete Wylde makes Mead as the ancients did, unfiltered and with real fruit. Bees make honey the same since the dawn of time. What you hold in your hands is your connection to our ancient forebears.

The tradition of giving a nuptial couple a lunar-month’s supply of Mead to ensure a “fruitful” union came to be known as the “Honeymoon”.

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Produced and bottled by:
Black Dragon Meadery
Benton Harbor, MI
“Return to the Olde Ways”

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