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2018 Nectar of the gods

MI - Lake Michigan Shore
$17.00 / 750ml
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  • Alcohol 12.00%
Traditional semi-sweet drinking mead made from the Nectar of Michigan’s beautiful countryside and orchard-scapes. Pairs with fish, quail (and other poultry), cheese, white-sauced pasta, and wild game.

Bottles come with a potential of up to four labels that all make a composite picture when put together. Collect all 4! The 1 of 4 label says on the back...

Represented here are Bacchus, Greek god of Mead and wine, aka, the original, Olympic “party animal”. Venus/Aphrodite, goddess of love and fertility, aka, the Saucy Tart of Mt. Olympus, the Trollop of the gods. (What in Hades is she doing?)

Label art by LanceR. © Black Dragon LLC

Disclaimer: “Nectar of the gods” is a statement of quality, not a promotion or belief in polytheism, while still paying homage to legendary literature.

Produced and bottled by:
Black Dragon Meadery
Benton Harbor, MI
“Return to the Olde Ways”

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