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2016 Dandelion Blossom Mead

MI - Lake Michigan Shore
$19.00 / 750ml
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  • Alcohol 12.00%
Semi-sweet traditional mead made from Dandelion-Clover honey. The mead maintains the vibrant yellow color of the dandelion. This is a seasonal offering, while supplies of dandelion honey last.
This is a mead version of Dandelion Wine, wherein the fermentable sugar and sweetening is from the honey, and the dandelion content is from the dandelion nectar, color, and pollen gathered by bees in the honey.

“Dandelions bloom all Summer long, side by side with clover. Reseed and renew the cycle, until the Summer’s over. Bees gather, blend the honey, and capture golden sunshine, ‘til we reflect on summer with Dandelion Wine.” -- Pete Wylde

Can you taste the summer?

Label art by Heidi Buck, Used by permission under license, 2016 Black Dragon LLC.

Produced and bottled by Black Dragon Meadery, Benton Harbor, MI.
“Return to the Olde Ways”


Winemaker Name

Paul Peterson, aka, Pete Wylde the Meadmaster