White Wine Slush Mix

White Wine Slush Mix

Excluded from Discounts

Our frozen wine slush mix, made of all natural ingredients, makes great tasting frozen wine slushes! Perfect for a relaxing day at home, social gatherings, poolside and beach lounging! Take a piece of Averill House Vineyard with you on your next adventure.

DIRECTIONS: simply pour the powdered mix into a zip-top gallon sized baggie* or a plastic container*, add a 750ml bottle of your favorite Averill House Vineyard Fruit or red wine* (Not included with mix), and 750ml of water (use the wine bottle as your measuring tool). Place the mix in the freezer, and in 3-5 hours you will have a wonderful frozen wine slush! Yummmmm!!!!

INGREDIENCE: organic dehydrated cane juice, fructose, malic acid, dehydrated cranberry powder, silicon dioxide, sea salt, vitamin C, dehydrated green tea, and spices.

*Bottle of Wine and Baggies/Containers are not included/sold separately.