Spiced Vino Mix  (Mulled Wine Mix)

Spiced Vino Mix (Mulled Wine Mix)

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Looking for a way to keep toasty this season? Try our easy to make Spiced Vino Mix for the perfect mulled wine, great for the holidays and gatherings!
Each box of our Spiced Vino Mix makes 2 individual batches of mulled wine.

DIRECTIONS: In a slow cooker combine half a package of Spiced Vino Mix, one 750mL bottle of wine* and 1.5 cups of apple cider*, let simmer until warm or to your liking then serve in a mug or glass with handles with a garnish of apple or orange slices to wow your guests! (We suggest using True Champion or True Botanist for a bold and delicious taste, you can also use your favorite Red or Dark Fruit wine as well!)

INGREDIENCE: organic dehydrated cane juice, fructose, malic acid, cinnamon, clove, orange peel, nutmeg, silicon dioxide, sea salt, vitamin C, and spices.

*Bottle(s) of Wine, Apple Cider, and Slow Cooker not included/sold separately.