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Product Image for 2018 Varietal Series #1

2018 Varietal Series #1

NH - Other
$21.00 / 375ml

  • Alcohol 14.50%
Other Than Standard Honey Wine
Style: Traditional
ABV: 14.5 % / Semi-Sweet / 375ml

Our varietal series is where we let the honeys shine on their own. Made entirely from Raspberry Blossom Honey, Varietal Series #1 has the delicate floral and fruit notes that you would expect. This honey is subtle when we use it to make session meads, but not in this form!

* Note: It is currently winter in New Hampshire and in a good portion of the US. We will be holding orders for a short time to asses the shipping weather. We will communicate directly with everyone who places an order about the shipping timeline. Thank you!