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Product Image for 2018 Sweet Burn Dude!

2018 Sweet Burn Dude!

NH - Other
$23.00 / 375ml

  • Alcohol 14.50%
Other Than Standard Honey Wine With Natural Flavors
Style: Metheglin
ABV: 14.5 % / Semi-Sweet / 375ml

So popular with our taproom visitors that there are only a limited amount of bottles left to share. This honey wine is named for the exclamation everyone makes when they try their first sip. Our first chili pepper honey wine provides flavors from a delicious blend of chilies that gives each sip a kick, but ends with a sweet, fruity finish. Not to be feared, but meant to be savored, this AF offering definitely delivers that “sweet burn”. If you are looking for the perfect blend of sweet and spicy look no further!

* Note: It is currently winter in New Hampshire and in a good portion of the US. We will be holding orders for a short time to asses the shipping weather. We will communicate directly with everyone who places an order about the shipping timeline. Thank you!