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Product Image for 2018 Hum

2018 Hum

NH - Other
$23.00 / 375ml

  • Alcohol 14.50%
Other Than Standard Honey Wine With Natural Flavors
Style: Metheglin
ABV: 14.5 % / Semi-Sweet / 375ml

Named for both the soothing sounds of the honey bee in flight and the feeling you get from that first sip of coffee, Hum is a perfect balance of coffee and honey goodness. The rich aromas and flavors of cold brew coffee blend perfectly with sweet, dark honey notes. You will be humming from your first sip all the way to the last drop and beyond.

* Note: It is currently winter in New Hampshire and in a good portion of the US. We will be holding orders for a short time to asses the shipping weather. We will communicate directly with everyone who places an order about the shipping timeline. Thank you!