Freedom Hard Cider - 12 x 16oz Cans

Freedom Hard Cider - 12 x 16oz Cans

NY - Finger Lakes
$55.50 / 12 x 16oz Can

  • Alcohol 5.50%
Our Original hard cider, at ease.

With every purchase of a 1911 Established FREEDOM Hard Cider, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Stop Soldier Suicide, an organization relentlessly dedicated to saving the lives of at-risk veterans and service members. Veteran founded, veteran led and veteran focused, SSS was built to break down the barriers to care that so many of our nation's warriors experience. Their team provides free, personalized, confidential care tailored to each person's specific
needs. No stigma, no judgment. Just life-saving impact. When those who have defended our nation need help, SSS is there to answer the call.

Sweetness scale: 2/6
5.5% ABV

*The Sapling Series is a line of 1911 Established products focused on giving back to our local communities. A sapling only reaches its truest potential and bears fruit when it is respected and nurtured.