2022 Petillant Naturel

2022 Petillant Naturel

NY - Finger Lakes
$26.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol %
  • Bottling Date 11/2022
Our methode ancestrale sparkler is a field blend of red and white grapes from our bio-intensively farmed estate vineyard and grower-partner vineyards. Lightly sparkling, this wine is limited in quantity.


Petillant Naturel is a rustic, unpretentious sparkling wine meant to be enjoyed in its youth. Made using Methode Ancestrale, the wine is bottled before fermentation is complete, resulting in a gently sparkling wine with light sediment. An example of the earliest style of sparkling wine, it suits casual occasions and an adventurous spirit.

A blend of red and white grapes from our estate vineyard and our grower-partners was co-fermented to make this beautiful pink wine.

Serving Notes: Chill well in an upright position before serving. Open over the sink in case of excess mousse. Pour gently so that sediment rests on the bottom.

Tasting notes: Alluring aromas of fresh fruit, yeast, and earth. Pure, unadulterated, and alive with moderate fizz.

Production notes: Fruit was pressed into neutral oak barriques where spontaneous fermentation took hold. Two different lots, one of early-season fruit and the other of later-picked varieties, were blended before bottling.

Slightly before dryness was achieved, the wine was chilled and racked to reduce cloudiness. After bottling, fermentation resumed and finished in the bottle, resulting in a dry wine with approximately three atmospheres of pressure. No added sulfites.

The finished wine is hazy and bright, reflecting life at our vineyard.

Brand for Silver Thread Vineyard
Silver Thread Vineyard was established in 1982 on the eastern shore of Seneca Lake, the most highly regarded microclimate in New York's Finger Lakes wine district. Wine production began in 1991 with the varieties Riesling and Chardonnay, later adding Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer and Cabernet Franc.

Critically-acclaimed winemaker Paul Brock and wine educator Shannon Brock assumed ownership of the boutique estate winery in 2011. We create expressive, age-worthy wines in harmony with nature.

The vineyard is managed with sustainable farming practices, relying on naturally occurring and biodegradable spray materials.

The turtle image on our label was carved in a rock beside one of New York’s woodland creeks by a Native American artist many centuries ago. As an earth symbol to the Iroquois people, the turtle reminds us to care for the land and water that give us the gift of wine.
Silver Thread Vineyard
1401 Caywood Rd
Lodi, NY 14860-9636

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