2021 This Is Red Pet Nat

2021 This Is Red Pet Nat

NY - Finger Lakes
$20.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.50%
A blend of Leon Millot, Marquette, and Cabernet franc. In looking at older generation hybrids like Leon Millot to understand what the Finger Lakes was as a wine region, and then reconceptualizing their use, we redefine what the region can become.

A cold bottle slowly releases bubbles just threatening to overflow before you pour that first glass of
opaque, dark purple wine rimmed with fuschia bubbles. Aromas of both blue and red fruits, like
plums alongside red berries. A hint of milk chocolate with a woodsy top note. Rich flavor with blue
violet notes before chalky tannins assert the finish.

Art by Jacob Hanson, JacobHansonStudio.com, is designed perfectly to represent a rebellious wine made in an old trucking garage by the lake.

REMINDER TO CHILL THOROUGHLY AND OPEN CAREFULLY. This is a sparkling wine with deep, dark color

Brand for Osmote
Finger Lakes New York wine producer making wine the slow way. We ferment with natural vineyard yeast and use large format oak barrels so the winery's touch is only an accent while our region's character lifts from the glass.

Low impact winemaking. Pure, balanced wine.
6677 State Route 96a
Suite C
Ovid, NY 14521-9622

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