2022 Lopez Ranch White

2022 Lopez Ranch White

White Table Wine
CA - San Bernardino - Cucamonga Valley
$35.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol %
Harvested from own-rooted bush vines, planted around the turn of the 21st century in the deep sand of alluvial granite fans. Harvested on July 16. Direct-press. Notes of ylang-ylang, whole lime, and peach.

Maker Name

Herrmann York Wine

Vineyard/Orchard Name

Lopez Ranch

Brand for Herrmann York Wine
We're devoted to southern California where we were born and raised, and we work year after year to explore this region with curiosity, respect, and a light touch to allow the place to speak for itself.
Herrmann York Wine
570 Nevada St.
Ste M
Redlands, CA 92373-3139

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