2019 Sasy Wines "Confident" Chardonnay

2019 Sasy Wines "Confident" Chardonnay

CA - Santa Barbara County (Central Coast)
$44.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 13.80%
The Wine Noire presents Sasy Wines a California women-owned, minority, and black-owned winebrand

SaSy is Strong and Sexy You! Your choices define who you are. Every bottle of our Chardonnay has been carefully selected to produce a complex and stunning wine, much like a typical SaSy woman. Our premium wine is crafted with distinctive flavors of ripe peaches, baked apple, baked pear, and rich creamy butter. Each sip of “Confident” will have a perfect blending of apricot, Meyer lemon, and yellow flowers.

Our premium Chardonnay has antioxidants and flavonoids adding to its flavorful body and health benefits. Make the “Confident” decision and choose SaSy

Winemaker Name

wine negociants Zaneta Owens and Dr. Melinda Silva

Brand for Wine Noire LLC
The Wine Noire LLC is a wine company that sells domestic and international wines.
2001 Addison St
Berkeley`, CA 94704

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