2013 Caesura Taurasi

2013 Caesura Taurasi

$60.00 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 14.50%
Caesura - "any interruption or break." Some wines make you stop what you're doing and just take a pause from everything else, taking the time to enjoy all that it encompasses and allows you kick back and reflect on life. This is one of those wines. Aged for five years before release, this Taurasi will make you sit down and reflect on what is and what is not, and this is best enjoyed with friends. Deep dark fruits, leather and aspects of chocolate are what make this wine one that you will remember. It can easily be aged for another fifteen years, with the taste developing more and more.

Brand for Ikavina Wine and Spirits, LLC
We are a small Black and veteran-owned federally licensed wine and spirits importer and distributor on the east coast. Our specialty are wines from Italy, Portugal and Spain and our core demographic are African Americans, which are the most ignored and under-served segment of the wine industry. We are focused on bringing great wines to our customers at great prices.
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