2019 Bouquet Toss

2019 Bouquet Toss

TN - Other
$17.00 / 375 mL

  • Alcohol 11.00%
Brewed for a wedding, good enough to drink every day. Rose hip, hibiscus and linden flower are added to Basic Batch to make this wedding day color and aroma. Each flower comes through in its own way to create this unique and exciting mead. Cheers! Floral, fruity

Brand for Honeytree Meadery
Honeytree Meadery is Nashville’s premier craft meadery.

Economy + Ecology + Education

Here at Honeytree, founders and long-time brewers Ross Welbon and Dru Sousan produce quality meads through environmentally sustainable processes.

We also work to build community around this special drink by enlightening and educating our patrons. It’s our mission to update the ancient beverage for the modern consumer while retaining the age-old spirits of kinship and reverence for nature.
Honeytree Meadery
918 Woodland St
Nashville, TN 37206

2019 Basic Batch

$17.00 / 375 mL

2019 P.S. I Love You

$20.00 / 375 mL